Post-Acute Services

Sherrenau offers the following post-acute care provider services:

Strategic Planning

Sherrenau guides long-term care facilities through the fundamentals of planning for future market conditions based on present trends in the post-acute provider services industry. Sherrenau's consultants will work collaboratively with the on-site and corporate management teams to define strategic goals and will develop metrics and milestones to evaluate progress against established strategic plans.

Monitoring Services

Sherrenau holds a contract with the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to provide monitoring services at facilities failing to meet minimum regulatory requirements. Additionally, Sherrenau offers monitoring for private nursing homes that are experiencing regulatory problems. Whether the facility is in need of a "fresh set of eyes" to provide a new perspective or the home is pending decertification due to the severity of outstanding regulatory citations, Sherrenau can help. The monitoring team is comprised of administrators, registered nurses, and licensed dieticians. With several decades of experience in clinical operations at nursing facilities, Sherrenau's team is well-equipped to provide the external oversight needed to help troubled facilities return to substantial regulatory compliance.

Interim Administrator Services

Sherrenau provides experienced Licensed Nursing Home Administrators (LNHAs) on an interim basis for facilities that are entering a period of transition in leadership. The interim administrator is available for 40 hours per week on a contractual basis. This affords owners the opportunity to exercise full due-diligence in the hiring process - ultimately selecting the best-suited candidate for the position.

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