SHERRENAU provides comprehensive training for healthcare facilities. Whether highlighting a specific area of focus or developing a complete training program designed to improve the patient experience, Sherrenau can help. Training topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • Perfecting the patient experience

  • Care team collaboration

  • Service line credibility

  • Work group self-assessment

  • Developing trust through transition coordination

  • Physician engagement

  • Understanding patient & family expectations

  • Eliminating operational waste

  • Defining professionalism as a leader

Sherrenau is also pleased to introduce its newest training program – "ENGAGE FOR PERFORMANCE".

Engage for Performance is a 3-phase learning system focusing on any specific issue that requires improvement in an organization. It is a customized program that results in measurable positive outcomes for goals such as:

  • Upgrading employee skill sets and adding new competencies

  • Establishing company, industry and global partnerships

  • Changing an environment of unprofessional behavior

  • Providing a better customer experience

  • Enhancing creativity and innovation

  • Designing leadership strategies

  • Managing revenue projections

  • Improving board relationships

  • Changing corporate culture

  • Strengthening work groups

  • Developing best practices

  • Exceeding sales targets

While the Engage for Performance program is one of Sherrenau's newest offerings, the program has been in existence for over fifteen (15) years. It has proven to be effective across the healthcare spectrum, from physician practices to acute care settings throughout the country.

To invest in your employees and organization, please contact us for a complimentary consultation on this program.

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